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The new way to manage and exchange value.

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Value is anything your mind can imagine.

With tip we can represent any valuable asset - such as money, votes, shares, stocks, ownership, etc. - by associating a unique, immutable and irreplicable token. The only limit is your own imagination.
tip is powered by HybridChain, a proprietary protocol stack inspired by Blockchain Protocol that allows users to issue, exchange and track any type of asset.

Just imagine what you can do. Whenever you need to transfer valuable assets in a fast, secure and easy way, tip can support you.


Assets can be exchanged worldwide using only the Internet.
There is no need for private and secure networks, the security of the circuit is guaranteed by cryptography and strict rules of math.
tip Platform provides final users with three different methods to manage and exchange their own assets:
QR Codes

Receiver shows a QR Code on his device to request a transaction, the counterparty scans it with any device to send the asset.
By using a QR Code, users who don’t know each other, but are securely tracked by the platform, can exchange value with the highest level of privacy and security. QR Codes are generated dynamically at each transaction.

Mobile Numbers

The user selects the peer’s phone number from the device's Address Book - or by typing manually the number - then defines the amount and confirms the transaction.
This is a simple way to send value, as easy as sending a Whatsapp message! This method is useful for transactions between known users.


The user insert his own tipKEY into Receiver’s device and type his PIN to authorize the transaction.
With tipKey the user experience is exactly the same of a Debit Cards. Potential users with no connected smartphone to control a virtual wallet are provided with a hardware wallet to easily join the circuit!

tip is a Full Stack Platform


tip users can issue new assets and control them using the Management Console. They can distribute assets to other users in a P2P model using tipWallet app available on App Store and Play Store. Moreover tipKEY - an hardware wallet - is available to offer the most complete customer experience. In order to let users receive assets from tipKEY, the platform provides the tipPOS App that transform your device in a POS. tipPOS is available for Android device and as Chrome Extension

tip Strengths


HybridChain uses the same cryptography of Bitcoin Blockchain and the same concept of UTXO, thus providing the best grade of security for your assets. Security keys are safely stored on users' device and never leaves it.


tip Platform provides high performances in terms of transaction-per-second. There is no need of Proof-of-Work, only authorized nodes validates transactions.


tip users can exchange assets in different ways in order to keep intact any transaction experience: easy as sending a Whatsapp message or paying with a Debit Card.



Current Payment Circuit are useful but expensive due to processing fees, network requirements, card issuing, and IT systems.

With tip Plaform anyone can issue a proprietary currency to be distributed among a specific community hence implementing a private payment circuit.
With tip, private payment circuits can be easily set up to:

  • Manage social funds among citizens in local administrations
  • Offer prepaid or gift cards for merchants
  • Provide a virtual currency for the entertainment sector (cruise ships, resorts, hotel chains) and other institutions (schools, universities, ...)

Whenever you need a private payment circuit, tip allowsyou to build one with unprecedent simplicity and a minor investment.

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User can realize a very cheap and secure voting session that can't be falsified

Leveraging tip Platform features - such as immutable recorded transaction, anonymity, public auditability and flow monitoring - it will be possible to implement voting systems with multiple benefits. For instance you can have turnout updating in real time and keep control across the entire voting process.

Contact us to find out how to implement your own voting system.

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tip Platform runs over the Internet, so it works everywhere!

Merchant groups or shops can implement loyalty programs leveraging the flexibility and usability of tip Platform. Merchants can send credits as well as shopping points to the customers. Accumulated points can be used as rewards program, to strengthen relationships between merchants and customers. Know-your-customer or proximity marketing campaigns can be implemented to target the advertising towards customers. Gift cards models can also be implemented. Using the mobile wallet, customer can spend their credit within a certain circuit. Moreover, customers can exchange credit of their wallet with each other improving their shop experience and making the use of this credit very flexible.
Contact us to find out how to implement your own loyalty program.



tip requires only 4 digit PIN to login. Forget about username/passwords or any other OTP device.


tip can reach impressive performance in terms of tps (transaction-per-second) and it's highly scalable.


The entire backend runs on several low-cost servers with drastically lower costs and no need for Disaster Recovery Plan.


tip Platform handles the entire transaction processing using only the Internet. No need for private Circuits/Networks.


All transactions are connected to the owners' identities and stored forever on the HybridChain.


Transactions processing BackEnd provides a useful set of API to easily extend the platform with additional services.


All accounts on tip Platform are known and tracked and the accounts balance perfectly managed. Auto-generated accounts will not work and automatically detected.


Wallet's passphrase can be stolen, but payments can be reverted and stolen units-of-account can be deactivated, making the thief less attractive.


No spam promise - only latest news and events!


Meet the fantastic Team behind tip

We are passionate and experienced engineers
, Crypto Enthusiasts and Technology Experts,
we have a solid background Business and Management.
We have a clearly-defined roadmap but we are aware that we can't do this alone!

If you would like to be part of this project, we are looking for developers,
mentors and partners.

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